Oral Health Impacts EVERYTHING Else



Welcome to Episode 62 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 


This week, Cass and Len had a fantastic conversation with Perry Louis Fields and Ben Fowler.  They are the founders of Frau Fowler, an innovative oral care company that goes beyond non-toxic, using only food-grade ingredients.

This is really important because while most people appreciate that oral health matters, the truth is it matters much more than we think.

This episode explains why that’s the case, especially for more sensitive people including children on the autism spectrum.  

Ben and Perry also share their personal stories of growing up different.  Their perspectives offer extremely useful insights for parents looking to better support and guide their children.

They openly discuss their challenges as well as their successes in boldly charting their own course in helping people lead healthier lives.

This discussion reveals many secrets, and one of them is that…


Oral Health Impacts EVERYTHING Else


Tune in to learn why and to hear the others…


You’ll Discover:

  • Biological Dentistry Can Reveal A True Root Cause (8:02)
  • Upbringings Make a Huge Difference (17:17) 
  • Medications Can Have The Opposite of the Intended Effect (2450)
  • Toothpaste Can Be Toxic (47:41)
  • Why Dry Brushing is Good and Tap Water is Bad (48:54)


About Our Guests:

Perry Louis Fields
Perry is a former US Track and Field athlete, who graduated from Clemson University. She is a food scientist and packaging engineer.  Perry has been a health coach for the past decade, with a history for figuring out the impossible. Her clients were from all corners of the world, sick with autoimmune and infectious disease.  She is also a medical non-fiction author and pioneered alternative medical practices to treat Lyme disease.  She has a strong interest in plants and plant medicine. 

Benjamin Dylan Fowler
Ben is actually a miner.  We aren’t talking about panning for gold, but a real-life GOLD miner.  He knows how to lead people and fix stuff.  He’s the head of the warehouse and while Perry can design packaging lines, Ben can fix whatever breaks.


References in This Episode

Frau Fowler


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