These Red Lights Accelerate Progress


The topic this week is Red Light Therapy.

What is it?  And how can it help both parents and children alike?

Our guest is Scott Chaverri from Mito Red Light.

There’s a host of potential benefits including better quality sleep, improved mitochondrial function, and anti-aging benefits.

And the good news is there are more affordable options and no real downside from this simple biohack.


The secret this week is…

These Red Lights Accelerate Progress


You’ll Discover:

  • How Red Light Therapy Helps Sleep (7:05)
  • Key Best Practices From Our Ancestors (10:27)
  • A Good Night’s Sleep Starts With This (15:09)
  • How To Supercharge Your Mitochondria (16:29)
  • What’s the Optical Window and Why It Matters (19:04)
  • The Promise of Photobiomodulation (23:35)
  • What We’re Most Deficient In (27:55)
  • What To Look For When Buying A Red Light Panel (35:19)


About Our Guest:

After earning a BA in Psychology from Cornell University and an MBA in Finance from the Simon School of Business, Scott Chaverri worked for several Fortune 500 companies, in the business services, medical device, financial services, and e-commerce industries. Having dealt with health challenges in childhood and early adulthood, Scott has always been passionate about all things health and wellness. Constantly learning, tinkering, and evolving, his goal is to build Mito Red into a preeminent health and wellness company empowering people with tools and information to optimize their performance and maximize their healthspans.

Mito Red Light (Use APS Code for 5% off)

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