What Is A Warrior Parent & Why You Need To Become One



Let’s talk about what is a warrior parent and how that transformation means BIG WINS for your child with autism. 


You may be wondering, what a warrior parent is?


So, let’s clear that up now. It’s a parent that is always…

  • being the best that they can be…
  • taking courageous action…
  • and navigating the day to day with skill, proficiency, and ease…


A warrior parent refuses to stay stuck and is determined to overcome any obstacle that is in the way of the life they want for their child.


They know that progress is possible. We’ve even narrowed it down to a list of 10 habits that every warrior should have in their arsenal. Habits such as being the CEO of their child and providing their child with the most healing environment possible. 


These fantastic parents are continually doing hard and inconvenient things. But they don’t expect perfection from themselves; instead, they strive for excellence. Warrior parents understand that self-care is vital to the wellness of their family and make it a priority


And above all else — they NEVER give up


Setbacks are seen as learning opportunities and a chance to learn, grow, and become stronger. This is a mindset that you have to adopt to make progress for you and your child. Click play above to dive into this episode where we’re discussing what you need to do to become a warrior parent so you can show up for yourself and for your child! 


Key Takeaways

  • What makes you one? (1:34)
  • 10 habits that a warrior parent has and uses (2:49)
  • The importance of trusting ourselves as our child’s expert (4:52)
  • Why the little bold steps forward are so transformative (6:25)
  • Taking back power and questioning authority (9:16)
  • A support network is absolutely essential (11:34)
  • What actions to take to operate as a warrior parent (12:44)
  • Take a step to take control (15:48)

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