You Do YOU


Welcome to Episode 58 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 


In this episode, Cass and Len share some real-life examples about things not going your way.

If you’re taking a stand for your child, you WILL piss some people off.  

Family and friends often don’t get it.  Naysayers are around every corner.

But that’s ok.  It comes with the territory.

You can either be okay with disapproval and move forward or you can let it hold you back.

And if it holds you back, it’s ultimately holding your child back too.

In any given moment, a super-effective strategy is to stay true to what you know is right…


This week’s secret is…

      You Do YOU


You’ll Discover:

You Don’t Have To Get Triggered (1:35)
You Can Pivot Quickly (7:10)
Simply Pausing Allows You To Respond (8:50)
Triggers Are Reminders (6:50)
Judging Less Is Doable (10:45)
People Pleasing Is Not Necessary (13:00)


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