Welcome to Episode 173 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week, we explore Nutrigenomics with Dr. Heather Way, Director and Head Researcher at The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis.

Dr. Way is also a mom to two boys who have both recovered from Autism, and she has helped almost 1,000 children dramatically improve their quality of life, often going from non-verbal to being mainstreamed…

She was the inspiration for the IntellxxDNA Neurodevelopmental Genomics Report, which is geared toward helping individuals with Autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

As a researcher, scientist, and mother, Heather has many insights to share.

The secret this week is…


You’ll Discover:

  • What Exactly Is NUTRIGENOMICS (2:57)
  • What are SNPs and Which Ones Cause The Biggest Issues (5:36)
  • There Are Over 700 “Autism Genes” (9:21)
  • Why MTHFR Isn’t Worth Obsessing Over (15:53)
  • The Magic Of The HOT SPOT Report (20:07)
  • Why You’re NOT What You Eat (25:23)
  • It’s About Genetic Predispositions + Environmental Triggers (32:54)
  • The Double Whammy To Focus On (36:08)
  • Why It All Comes Down To NUTRIENTS (40:15)
  • An Incredibly Important Thing To Remember (43:48)

About Our Guest

Dr. Heather Way (PhD) is the Director and Head Researcher at The Australian Centre for Genomic Analysis (TACGA).

Dr. Way holds a Ph.D. in molecular pathology and is an expert in the field of nutrigenomics and microbiome sequencing.

Prior to clinical practice, Dr. Way worked as a scientist with The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) for 25 years.

Nutrigenomics enables genetic predispositions to be understood and managed via epigenetics and nutrition.

Dr. Way has two teenagers who were on the spectrum and fully recovered using her protocol.

The missing piece for her children came through addressing gene expression via Nutrigenomics and Microbiome sequencing.

Dr. Way’s team produces personalized programs for ASD/ADHD clients all over the world, tailored to results from a specialist neurodevelopmental DNA profile that Dr. Way helped develop.

She regularly speaks at conferences such as Bio-balance, A5M, Autism One in the USA, and the Australian Asperger’s Association.

She’s the lead researcher for a number of world-leading genetics and microbiome companies working on autism.


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