Confident Decisions Require 5 Steps


Welcome to Episode 116 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

Parents make countless decisions every day.  So many decisions, large and small.

Decision fatigue can set in.

Our kids rely on us to make good decision.  The stakes are high.

So decision-making is important and it’s a skill.

Perhaps, THE the most important skill for any parent.

It’s worth honing this key skill, because decisions create confidence.

The secret this week is…

Confident Decisions Require 5 Steps


You’ll Discover:

  • Why Making A Choice Isn’t Enough (2:42)
  • Your Responsibility As Your Child’s CEO (4:36)
  • What’s Behind A Lack of Confidence (5:51)
  • The First Step To Confident Decisions (8:01)
  • The Second Step To Confident Decisions (9:20)
  • The Third Step To Confident Decisions (10:38)
  • The Fourth Step To Confident Decisions (11:36)
  • The Fifth Step To Confident Decisions (12:13)

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