Don’t Tolerate MINERAL Deficiencies


Welcome to Episode 159 of Autism Parenting Secrets.

This week, we focus on minerals, one of those essential building blocks of health.

Our guest is Jeff Thurston from Master Supplements and U.S. Enzymes.

Perhaps the biggest mistake a parent can make is to think that the food their child is eating doesn’t matter.  That it won’t make a difference.

The right nourishing food matters a lot.

It profoundly impacts our physical health and wellness, our resilience, how we think and how we behave, and the emotions we feel.

All likely things that you are wanting to improve for yourself and your child.

Food is not about calories – it’s about nourishment.

Giving the body what it needs to thrive – nutrients, proteins, fats, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

The right foods are the answer but it’s getting harder and harder to get everything your body needs from foods.

The secret this week is …

Don’t Tolerate MINERAL Deficiencies

You’ll Discover:

  • Why Soil Just Isn’t What It Used To Be (5:28)
  • Why Buying Local Is So Much Better Than Supermarkets (11:15)
  • The Things That Matters Even More Than What You Eat (12:48)
  • A Simple Way To Chart Progress (20:44)
  • The Food That Is More Expensive Than Organic (24:31)
  • Testing Option for Minerals (31:24)
  • Why You Need To Be Extra Careful Choosing Supplement Brands (35:41)
  • The Magic of Broccoli Sprouts and Sulforaphane (41:26)

About Our Guest:

Jeff Thurston believes that our microbial world must be understood. Our internal microbiome and the earth we walk on. A 1964 graduate of Bemidji University, Jeff began his career as a Jr Virologist at National Drug Company working with pathogenic organisms. He was then promoted to flu vaccine manufacturing. The light went off and Jeff exited that side of the business. A sales career led him into organic agriculture and back to the bacteria in the ground. It was in this field he met his partner Randy Porubcan and the beginnings of Master Supplements, Inc. in 2002. To that end, Master Supplements and U.S. Enzymes manufacture the highest-quality supplements for intestinal health. Jeff specializes in the patented delivery and stimulation of the best, compatible probiotics along with digestive/systemic enzymes and prebiotics to create an environment conducive to their survival.

Master Supplements

U.S. Enzymes

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