POSTURE Unlocks Your Power


Welcome to Episode 50 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 

In this episode, Cass and Len had a great conversation with Brian Bradley from The Egoscue Method.

It’s an approach to wellness that assesses posture and creates personalized exercises that put the body back into balance.

Our discussion focused on how Postural Therapy can benefit you, the parent and your child.

The key takeaway is that simple exercises can put the body back into balance.

So if you want to ensure you’re showing up as your best-self, tune in now!


You’ll Discover:

* How The Egoscue Method Began (2:06)

* The Functional Blueprint for Success (4:38) 

* How To Be Prepared for the “Sport” of Autism (5:13)

* Why Resilience Depends on the Physical/Mental/Emotional Triangle (9:09)

* This Calling Requires Action (12:40)

* Even Just One Exercise A Day Will Make a Difference (16:42)

* More Responsibility Is Not Needed (23:00)

* Tube Tunnels Can Work Magic (29:00)

* An Assessment and Exercise You Can Do At Home (33:30)

* Your Response to Challenging Situations Improves When Your Posture’s Right (46:42)


Tune in now to learn more!  


To watch a video of this interview, click the link below:


The secret this week is POSTURE Unlocks Your Power


About Our Guest

Brian Bradley has been studying “true” biomechanics and human anatomy using The Egoscue Method for more than 25 years.  As the Posture-Pain-Performance coach and motivational speaker, he has spoken across the globe, promoting a myriad of healthy principles for achieving success in all areas of life.   He conducts training with corporations, organizations, and nonprofits on the topics of chronic pain, healthy living, and high-level performance.  His clients include the Tony Robbins Companies, Bulletproof Radio, and the NFL.


More Information

You can contact Brian Bradley at:


* Instagram: thebrianbradley 

* Facebook: TheBrian Bradley


References in This Episode

* Why We Get Sick

* The Four Agreements

* Mastering Posture, Pain & Performance in 4 Minutes a Day with Egoscue – Bulletproof Radio Episode  #429

* Man’s Search For Meaning

* Far From The Tree

* Pain Free For Women

* Pain Free


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