You’re Smarter Than You Think



Welcome to Episode 51 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 

In this episode, Len explores how intelligence is about much more than IQ.

There are many, many more ‘intelligences’ that matter as much or even more than IQ.

Emotional Intelligence and Heart Intelligence are two examples.  

They matter.  Especially for parents of a child on the autism spectrum.

The good news is that parents already have these intelligences, they just may not be aware of them.  

And wherever they are, these key intelligences can absolutely be strengthened and developed further.

Tune in now to learn more!


You’ll Discover:

  • IQ Can Change and It’s Overrated (3:25)
  • There Are Many Intelligences That Can Matter Even More (4:20)
  • Heart Intelligence Spawns Emotional Intelligence (6:10)
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence and Mental Immunity (7:40)
  • Heart/Brain Communication is Constant and Lopsided (9:20)
  • Three Things You can Do Now (12:20)
  • Why HRV Matters (14:15)
  • The Many Ways You Can Improve HRV (16:50)


The secret this week is You’re Smarter Than You Think


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