Ready. Aim. THEN Fire!



Welcome to Episode 47 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 

This week, Cass and Len explore the simple concept of: Ready. Aim. Fire. 

It’s a universally accepted sequence that gets results. 

But parents of a child often don’t follow this sequence.

Often, parents start taking action (Fire) before they’re prepared (Ready) and before they have clear targets (Aim).

The sequence matters because there are always limited resources: time, energy, and money.

And to make the most of those resources, it’s important to be effective.  That means taking informed action towards a clear, specific target.

So “Fire. Ready. Aim.” doesn’t work. 

Neither does: “Fire. Aim. Ready.” 

And “Aim. Ready. Fire” falls short as well.

Tune in now to learn more!


The secret this week is Ready. Aim. THEN Fire!


You’ll Discover:

* Why we were on fire and not in a good way (1:56)

* Why spending most of the time getting Ready works (4:57)

* Ownership + Self Care = Better Decisions (8:14)

* “Aim” Is Often Overlooked (10:29)

* More time in Ready and Aim Helps (11:53)

* Why 10 Minutes Dedicated Visualization Each Day Is So Powerful  (15:00)

* Create A Balance That’s Right For You (17:09)


References in This Episode

* Andy Frisella Real AF Podcast and 75 Hard

* Autism Parenting Secrets Episode 7, Your Self-Care Is Not Optional

* Autism Parenting Secrets Episode 28, Without Goals There’s Chaos


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