You DO Have The Time


Welcome to Episode 46 of the Autism Parenting Secrets. 


In this episode, Len explores the concept of time


Part of the autism overwhelm is the feeling that you don’t have enough time for all the things you need to do.


The challenges, demands, and pressures are real.  And at times they can feel all-consuming.


But the truth is that if you get clear on what’s important, you actually do have the time.  


Taking small steps and then committing to consistency is the key.


Tune in now to learn how!


The secret this week: You DO Have The Time


You’ll discover:

* There Always Discretionary Time (5:48)

* “No Time” Can Become An Excuse (6:45)

* Why It Starts With 2-3 Daily Habits (8:55)

* Consistency Is the Key, Not Perfection (10:05)

* What Will Definitely Lead To Burnout (12:20)

* Selfish Helps Your Child (14:40)

* Predictability = Safety (15:50)

* 70 Days Makes a Habit (16:40)


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