The UNCONVENTIONAL Unlocks Possibilities


Welcome to Episode 82 of Autism Parenting Secrets.


This week on Autism Parenting Secrets, we welcome Emily Abbott.

She’s the host of The Brain Possible Podcast and the founder and CEO of The Brain Possible, an online resource for parents of a child who has suffered brain injury.

If you’re committed to finding ways to better support your unique child, the key is openness.

The secret this week is… The UNCONVENTIONAL Unlocks Possibilities

You’ll Discover:

  • The Therapy That Helped The Most: ABM (3:34)
  • What You Won’t Hear From Mainstream Practitioners (20:19)
  • The Benefits Of Different Perspectives/Approaches (25:17)
  • Why It’s All About “Best Fit” (30:11)
  • How To Avoid Crash and Burn (34:51)
  • The ONE Thing To Do If You Do Nothing Else (39:49)
  • The Hidden Gift (43:37)

About Our Guest:

As Founder and CEO of The Brain Possible, Emily Abbott’s inspiration to create the website came from her family’s difficult journey to find treatment and support for their son Carter, who suffered a brain injury in infancy.

She’s also the host and voice of The Brain Possible Podcast and YouTube Channel where knowledge and inspiration are shared with listeners through her discussions with experts in various fields.

In addition to her role at The Brain Possible, Emily is the Director of Creative Design for Abbott Properties, where she oversees all interior and exterior design projects, including boutique properties like The Bardot event space and The Hotel Indigo in Kansas City.

A native of central New Jersey, Emily studied art at Hollins College and Pace University, and is currently raising four wonderfully energetic children with her husband Matthew in Kansas City.

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