You Can’t Ignore Your Mattress


Welcome to Episode 114 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.

Sleep is the topic this week.  If you or your child has sleep issues, you know firsthand the impact it has on just about everything.

You can’t be the best parent you can be if you’re sleep-deprived and running on fumes.

And your child’s wellness, abilities, and behaviors will all suffer if they are not getting quality, restorative sleep.

Bottom line: improving sleep quality is worth the extra effort.  It matters so much more than we think.

This week, we’re joined by Arin Shultz, Senior Director of Sales & Marketing at Naturepedic.

Since 2003, their mission is to transform the lives of their customers through safer, healthier sleep. By eliminating materials like flame retardants and polyurethane foam from their line of certified organic natural mattresses, Naturepedic supports an organic holistic lifestyle while protecting the environment.

There are many ways to improve sleep but without a doubt, the mattress you choose has a huge impact.

The secret this week is…

You Can’t Ignore Your Mattress


You’ll Discover:

  • The Unpleasant Truth On Safety Testing Of Chemicals (4:08)
  • The Many Ways A Mattress Can Be Toxic (6:34)
  • Government Guidelines Don’t Have Your Back (12:59)
  • Ways To Spot “Greenwashing” (16:38)
  • Words That Mean Absolutely Nothing (20:37)
  • What’s Involved In Organic Certification For A Mattress (28:47)
  • One of The Most Polluted Crops On The Planet (29:46)
  • The Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality (35:04)
  • What To Look Out For When Shopping For A Mattress (36:41)


About Our Guest

Arin Schultz is Senior Director of Sales & Marketing at Naturepedic.

Working for this certified organic, non-toxic mattress pioneer has opened Arin’s eyes to the dangers of harmful chemicals and their pervasive presence in households across the globe.

This knowledge has added a deeper purpose to his relentless push to help transform the brand’s vision into reality.

Arin develops and implements strategies that support the company’s business growth, customer retention, product innovation, and sustainability goals. He also plays a key role in all educational initiatives, including thought leadership articles, webinars, live events, and more.

A father of four and an empathetic listener, Arin’s success at Naturepedic is centered on his authentic understanding of the Naturepedic customer and his genuine desire to help families make the safest, healthiest sleep choices.

Naturepedic (use code Warrior15 for 15% off)

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