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Welcome to Episode 92 of the Autism Parenting Secrets.


When a baby is on the way, parents make upgrades to the house to ensure it’s ready for their child.

Similarly, if you have a child on the spectrum, there’s an important opportunity to make changes that provide a safer and less stressful environment for you, your child, and your entire family.

We do so much to ensure our homes are safe.  Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, childproof locks, handrails for stairs, etc. Visible hazards are easy to spot and fix.

Invisible hazards are tougher.  They’re easier to overlook.  One big example: the significantly increasing danger from excessive exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

So if a healing house is what you’re after, reducing EMF exposure is a must.  And the bedroom is where you focus first.

Our guest this week is Brian Hoyer. He’s one of the world’s top EMF mitigation specialists.

He founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats to promote health and healing.

Taking action isn’t as difficult as you might think.  And the benefits are real and they compound daily.


The secret this week is… SHIELDING is Healing


You’ll Discover:

  • How To Create a Healing House (3:56)
  • What “Shielding” Is And Why It Matters (14:09)
  • What To Do Immediately After Eating (22:44)
  • Why Changing The Lighting Matters (31:19)
  • The Exact Lightbulbs You Want (33:04)
  • What a House Assessment Looks Like (38:51)
  • Free Things To Implement Right Away (42:00)
  • What To Demand of Any Home Inspection (46:12)


About Our Guest:

Brian Hoyer is one of the world’s top EMF mitigation specialists. His dive into health started when he became a father.  He became a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, training with Dr. Klinghardt and The Klinghardt Academy, and became a certified Geobiologist.

He founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats to promote health and healing. His work has helped connect the EMF mitigation world with the health and wellness industry.

Shielded Healing travels all over the U.S., guiding people through the process of creating ancestral healing spaces in their homes, offices, and workspaces. They also work with architects and contractors to customize EMF shielding for homes and businesses from the ground up in new construction and remodels. Shielded Healing works closely with many functional medicine doctors, hospitals, and clinics around the world to aid their patients in reducing the EMF exposures we have in the modern world.

Brian and his team are the favorite EMF consultants for many notable names in the Wellness and Biohacking Community, including Dr. Mercola, Dr. Ben Lynch, Ben Greenfield, and Luke Storey, to name a few.

Brian is a husband, father of 4 children, and loves being part of innovation and designing healthier products and environments.


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